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PS5 Specs How Influential will the PlayStation 5 be?

PS5 is already the talk of the town. It is expected by the Holiday season of 2020. It is the white elephant that is coming soon into your room. It deserves a little bit of noise to show its presence. The GPU of PS5 features 10.28 TFLOPs, a 2.23 GHZ variable frequency, and 26 Compute Units. Meanwhile, the CPU uses the architecture of Zen 2and has 8 cores. More to it is that the PlayStation claims to see a variable frequency 3.5 GHz processor.

The Playstation 5 games reviews confirm to see 825GB custom SSD, while the storage is upgradable with SSDs M.2 and the console has NVMe SSD slot.

PS5 controller DualSense controller
An eye-catching essential accessory is the DualSense controller and is a marmite of a device. The new face buttons cannot miss your eye, while the new design offers a muted look featuring a translucent/ transparent design on the whole.

The device front is new with options buttons and has a new logo, alternating the text. There are new ways of creating epic gameplay and to share with everyone in the universe. The controllers face black area has a new DualSense button as addition and there are analog signature sticks. The analog sticks replicated the DualShock 4, though the pattern is slightly different. Difference is in the new texture.

The analog sticks new button helps muting inside the controller the microphone. Use the mic array of the DualSense to chat with friends. Though, players can use for long gaming sessions their headsets.

With launch, will headset and peripherals work
The existing PlayStation VR headsets at launch will work with PS5. No whistles, the virtual reality experience is created for PS5 to work on headsets.

Playstation 5 games reviews reveal the peripherals such as the Move controllers and PlayStation Camera will be operable on the system by any player without big effort.

The next-gen console, PS5 has specialty accessories, such as flight sticks, arcade sticks, and licensed racing wheels, to support PS4 games and to work with PS5 games. The gold and platinum wireless headsets and the third-party headsets connect through audio jack or USB port, will work on PS5.

The wireless DualShock Controller is officially licensed as third-party PlayStation gamepad controllers to work with PS4 supported games. The PlayStation VR Aim Controller and Motion Controllers work with PS5 PS VR supported games. The significant takeaway is that PS5 is compatible to suit the developed games for the old and new platform. The new features and capabilities is sure to elevate players experiences.

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