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Outriders is a 1 to 3-player co-op RPG shooter set in an original, dark and desperate sci-fi universe. As humanity struggles to survive in the trenches of Enoch, create your own Outrider to travel across a hostile planet. Driven by a rich story that spans a diverse world, you travel from the slums of the First City through forests, mountains and deserts in search of the source of a mysterious signal.


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Outriders combines intense gunplay with devastating super powers and a fast-growing arsenal of macabre weaponry and special equipment. The game offers countless hours of shooting fun, delivered by one of the best shooter studios in the industry, People Can Fly.

World and storyline

Play as an Outrider, the vanguard of the colonists on Enoch. Affected by mysterious storms, your strength grows as you continue to explore Enoch. In search of the source of a mysterious signal, you will experience a dark and desperate journey across an inhospitable planet.

Depth and customization of an RPG

Outriders combines frenetic firefights with deep RPG systems for a true hybrid of both genres. As you travel, you will grow stronger by upgrading your Outriders with tons of guns and equipment items.

Classes and forces

Choose one of four unique classes to create your own Outrider and customize it to expertly exterminate your enemies. Each class offers its own devastating arsenal of special abilities and strategic possibilities. When creating and customizing your own Outrider, you can choose from four unique classes, each with its own skill tree to refine your play style.

A dark and desperate journey

Explore the inhospitable planet Enoch as you search for the source of a mysterious signal.

The intensity of shooter and the depth of an RPG in one

In Outriders’ brutal and gory combat, players can combine frenetic gunplay with special powers and deep RPG systems for a true blend of genres.

Dynamic CO-OP for max 3 players

With drop-in drop-out co-op, you can play on your own as well as with one or two friends to conquer the horrors of a hyper-evolved planet together.
You can customize and upgrade your Outrider with tons of items, guns, mods, and gear, to become less and less human.

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