PlayStation 5, more about the hard to get console
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PlayStation 5, more about the hard to get console

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From today, the PlayStation 5 is also for sale in Europe and makes it available to all markets across the globe. At least if you have reserved it: the game console is already sold out everywhere.
For the first time in seven years, Sony is today releasing a truly new game console. The PlayStation 5 is faster, quieter and, above all, much larger than its predecessors. Games look better and smoother: they can be played at the higher 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. has already discussed the PS5 extensively. You can see our library of console bundle reviews. We also consume all PlayStation news from the Sony HQ’s regarding the PS5.

Our review of the PS5

The controller makes your games ‘feel’ real. Perhaps the biggest innovations are in the controller of the PlayStation 5. It uses advanced vibration motors and haptic feedback systems to let you ‘feel’ what is happening in a game. Light taps feel like raindrops, which is accentuated by the built-in speaker. In addition, the triggers can offer more or less pressure based on the context. When you tighten a bow, you have to give more power and with shooters’ weapons the button feels like a real trigger.

But where do you buy a PlayStation 5?
Anyone who thinks they can buy a PlayStation 5 in the store today will experience a rude awakening. There was a big run on the game console in September when the first reservations could be made, selling them out within minutes in many countries.

In the run-up to the launch day of the PS5, it was hoped that large retailers like Amazon, Costco, Wallmart, Target, Best Buy, but also niche game players like Gamestop,  would have a small supply of PS5 left, as not all had accepted pre-order reservations in September. In practice, this was disappointing: the stores had only a few thousands of game consoles together. At Amazon they ran out in record time. Amazon was said to put a small stock of the PS5 on sale online in some EU countries on Thursday also made available through our website.

When will the PS5 stock will be fully replenished and be back in stock?
Sony is not yet making any statements about the stocks of the PS5. It can take weeks or even months until local stores in Europe and the USA will have a large stocks again. It means that some gamers may not be able to get started until 2021. Due to super high demand, also some of our bundles show-up with the game only. The PS5 console stock is replenished regularly, so best to keep checking and refreshing (CRTL-F5) bundle pages.

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