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PlayStation 5 is Coming with Hard to Resist Specs and Features

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PlayStation 5, the next-gen Sony game console will arrive later this year giving the Xbox Series X a toe-to-toe fight. Though Sony retains its silence about the PS5 launch, there are tons of fascinating details that is hard to resist for fans.

Eager to know? Find here right now about the upcoming console of Sony.
The PS5 is the next-gen console of Sony, replacing the (2013) PS4 and its variants, the (2016) PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro. The PS5 will be a next-gen console, a direct competitor to Xbox’s, the Xbox Series X.

The Release date
Sony is tight-lipped about its release date, though there is a loud noise of PS5 arrival in the US by the holiday 2020 period. It means somewhere this year last quarter between October and December. It is also the same time that Xbox Series will be launching. PlayStation launches are mostly in November, and so the same can be anticipated for the PS5.

The pricing of PS5 is also under seal. Yet the predictions are that in may range around US$499/£449/AU$749. However, Microsoft is also tight-lipped about its Xbox Series X price, as well.

The PlayStation Specs and the intriguing trailer
Playstation 5 console news, the Sony release the PS5 new trailer showing the enhancements that players can visualize and enjoy in the upcoming console. It includes 3D audio, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers.

The clip of live-action demonstrates the capabilities of PS5. It shows she runs from a kraken across the ice with a roaring sound conveying the feeling of the monster. The haptic feedback can be felt throughout the DualSense controller feed vibrations. There will be other elements including the 3D audio and firing reaction of an arrow at a monstrous beast showing the tension employed in the adaptive triggers.

A glimpse of important stuff around the PS5
The incorporation of features in these upcoming games Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. A small glimpse of its other specs:
SSD- PS5 will have in its design an SSD. It will be faster to its predecessor using HDD. Now how faster? The HDD of PS4 loaded in 20 seconds data of 1GB, while the SSD of PS5 will load in 0.27 seconds 2 GB. The in games featuring fast-travel will just go fast that you blind-and- you- miss-it. Expandable storage: The Playstation 5 console news confirms coming stocked with SSD storage of 825GB. The new console will feature compatibility with third-party SSDs. It will accommodate the drive as there is an inclusion of a try.

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